When are worship services?

We meet at 9:30 AM Memorial Day thru Labor Day & 10:00 AM during the winter months.

What should I wear to a service?

Anything you want! Come completely as you are. Blue jeans or shorts ?
to a business suit or khakis. We?re probably a little more causal than
most, but you’ll fit in wearing whatever.

How long are services?

Services are generally an hour long, give or take a few minutes. Our
services include music, a time for children, reading from the Bible, a
relevant message, offering and prayer.

Where are you located?

 27365 472nd Ave., Harrisburg is our address. From Sioux Falls- go
south on Louise. From Tea, head east until you get to 472nd Ave.
(Louise), then go south.
From Worthing- go north.
From Harrisburg- mostly west and a little south.
For the golfers-we are just south of Bakker Crossing.
NewDay is on the west side of 472nd Ave.

Do you serve communion? If so, how often?

We do not believe anyone should be denied what God offers as a gift.
Communion is open to all who wish to receive. We use grapes, bread and
gluten-free crackers for the elements. Communion is served every
fourth Sunday.

What is NewDay’s affiliation?

NewDay is non-denominational. We have no affiliation with any
mainstream religion. A diverse group of former Methodists,
Presbyterians, Lutherans, Catholic, Jewish and “never went to church
before” individuals call NewDay their church home. What we have in
common is a belief that God loves us and that worship should not be
something “we have to do” but something “we get to do.” Many have felt
frustrated that Sunday mornings had become a time to be lectured to
and told how much we have failed in honoring God. Efforts to help
people were bogged down by rules and processes. We have rediscovered
joy in faith and a community that welcomes everyone. Faith really is
fun, and every day is a new beginning.

Am I going to feel comfortable?

We hope so! We try to “always be eager to practice hospitality.”
(Romans 12:13b) You will be greeted several times- maybe in the
parking lot, definitely at the front door, on your way to the
Gathering area, while you get a cup of coffee or a bag of popcorn, at
the table when you sit down- we are glad you are here. We also
recognize that one may appreciate a little less attention when
checking out a new church, so we hope to balance the welcome with some
space. At no point will attention be drawn to you. For example, we
never ask visitors to identify themselves. We do have an attendance
slip on the bulletin for contact information and would welcome an
opportunity to answer any questions you may have about NewDay, but
completing the slip is entirely up to you.

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