New Sermon Series

Historically we have made many assumptions about some phrases the Bible  includes. Some of those assumptions are incorrect! Join us as we explore and  discover the truth.

God Wants You to Be Rich

Suffering Is Punishment

Charity Begins at Home

This Too Shall Pass

Money is the Root of All Evil

Jesus is Returning Soon

Christian: It’s Not What You Think

What does it mean to be a Christian? Why does it seem like “Christians” are on both sides of every issue? Who is right?

The eight week sermon series Christian: It’s Not What You Think explores the truth and fiction behind the label “Christian.” Click on the sermon title to view video.

April 28 Brand Recognition

May 5  Quitters

May 12  Insiders, Outsiders

May 19  Showing Up

May 26  When Gracie Met Truthy

June 2  Angry Birds

June 9  Showdown

June 16 Working It Out

Love One Another: Living Our Creed

January 13 begins the start of a NewDay adventure! The purpose of Love One Another is to mobilize NewDay to be active in community with outreach projects. Everyone who calls NewDay their church home will be assigned a group. Groups will meet and plan a way to serve those outside NewDay, illustrating our creed by our actions.

The NewDay Creed
It’s not about me.
I give myself, freely and totally to God;
That I may be used:
For the building of God’s Kingdom
For the care of God’s world
To love God’s children – all of God’s children:
Even those who are not like me
Even those who do not like me
That God’s Kingdom might become real
And I might be blessed and be made complete.